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Business products are sold to other businesses as opposed to end users, and are used to produce other products. There are many types of business products including manufactured products that have gone through some processing. Semi-manufactured goods require more manufacturing before they are useful to the purchaser. Lumber and crude oil are examples of these types of products.

Parts are manufactured items that are ready to be incorporated into other products. An example of this would be transmission products that are manufactured at a small factory in Vermont. These parts are sold world wide to large transmission remanufacturers, valve body rebuilders and independent specialists for repair of marine, industrial and heavy equipment repair shops.

Process machinery (sometimes called "installations") refers to major pieces of equipment that are used in the manufacture of goods. This category would include boilers, motors, pumps, conveyors, lathes, etc. The list is exhaustive, but the idea is that the business product of the process machinery is sold to other businesses so that they can produce an end product to sell to the consumer.

Equipment is another type of business product that does not contribute directly to the physical product but does aid in the production process. Examples of office equipment would be computers, printers, copy machines, etc. Examples of portable factory equipment are generators, hydraulic lifts, staging equipment and any other type of equipment needed in the non- manufacturing process.

And, last but not least, let's not forget about office and paper supplies. These are consumed in conjunction with the making of the manufactured product. Some businesses specialize in just office products like the super store Staples. Large department stores have a whole department just for office supplies.

Well Crafted Luxury Jewelry

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Window Imagination

For over 30 years, Window Imagination has manufactured some of the most interesting drapery hardware available. Whether you are looking for faux finishing, drapery, wallpaper, wood or metal, Window Imagination has it! Custom design projects welcome! The opportunities are limitless! For your next interior design project check out windowimagination.com.

A Natural Stone Mined in Utah

The kitchen is probably one of the most-used rooms in a home. It needs to have practical utility. But since the family spends so much time there, it's a good place to splurge a little. A gorgeous kitchen counter can become the focal point of the kitchen. One of the most beautiful on-trend choices right now is honeycomb onyx. Not only is it durable, it's also a cheerful color sure to bring joy to your family for years to come. Check out examples of the natural beauty of this stone. Click here to visit the website of Honeycomb Onyx.

Building Insulation

NH spray foam or SPF is an outstanding product for insulation. On the outside of the building it can be used as a combined vapor and air barrier system and is recognized as such when applied to the American Air Barrier Association standards. SPF can also be used below grade for the insulation of basements and foundation. It does not emit VOCs or hydrocarbons and has a proven track record over the last 20 years. Contact Chey Insulation for your SPF project whether it is commercial or residential.

Home Insulation Services

Chey Insulation is an experienced spray foam insulation NH company with over 35 years in the industry. Chey adheres to the highest ethical and professional standards. They offer a variety of weatherization and insulation options including, cellulose, fiberglass and vapor barrier. For insulation service that can't be beat, try www.cheyinsulation.com.

Home Heating Energy - Insulate Properly

In many ways, the insulation world played a scapegoat to the home heating lobbies. The heating industry called for higher output units in homes, and blamed the insulators for heating bills being sky high. In some ways, Vermont spray foam - a product used by Chey offices around northern New England - is the outgrowth of the pressure that insulators used to drive their industry to better results.

New Hampshire web design

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From the Great State of Maine - Unique Gift Ideas

Small Maine kitchens are turning out fine dining in artisanal products carefully crafted from locally sourced ingredients. You'll find food to please every taste, from traditional Maine blueberry jam to more recent treats, like barbecue rubs and sauces. Local Maine cooks are focused on good taste. Try a gift box or tote for the fine diners on your list. Fill your table with local flavor by giving Gifts from Maine - how nice!

Buy Local!

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