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Want to enjoy the benefits of nature but live in an apartment setting? A balcony, however small, can be transformed into a valuable visual extension of your apartment. A well-equipped balcony can be enjoyed all year long to sit and entertain among pretty flowers and vegetables.

One of the most effective ways to integrate your balcony garden with the adjoining room is to use the same flooring inside and out. Place a few standing potted plants on the inside flooring to link the inside and outside together. Find new uses for old furniture. A fun use for an old wooden ladder, painted brightly can be a graduated plant stand. An old bureau can hold your tools and supplies while being a prep station for your grill.

Since space is limited, cut out the middle section of a wooden table or picnic table and insert an oblong planter of veggies. Nasturtium flowers are edible and add a splash of color as well. Hang an old metal mail organizer for vertical display of herbs or strawberry plants.

Keep in mind that if you chose a climbing vine, they will take a beating from the wind. It is important to use resilient climbers like the Virginia Creeper, Honeysuckle or Ivy. Spring and summer bulbs and annuals in containers will add a pretty dash of seasonal color. Daisy flowers are unusually tough and can withstand slightly harsher conditions so they make a good choice for patio planting.

Tough, shrubby material can be used to give year-round interest such a twinkling Christmas lights. They also provide shelter for your less-hardy plants from the wind. And last, but definitely not least, consider planting containers of marigolds, catnip, beebalm and citronella to keep the pesky mosquitoes away!

Architectural Stone for Home Decorating

A stone countertop is a great way to add a striking and practical element to your kitchen. If you're looking for something a little off the beaten track, check out amber onyx. It comes in many warm shades, commonly a honey or amber color. The stone is also quite strong. You can learn online or by visiting the mines in Utah. Be sure to look around at the variety of colors. Learn More

Metal Remnant Pieces

Furnaces have been producing steel from iron and carbon for thousands of years. More efficient methods were developed for its production in the 17th century. At that time, its uses began to multiply. Then, in the mid-19th century, the Bessemer Process was developed and an age of mass-production was born. This was followed by further processes which refined the quality of steel. Refined metals and other products are available at Metalremnants.com for display.

Lower energy bill

A big concern is how reducing electric bill for both commercial and residential public service customers can be accomplished. Residents who live in a one bedroom home to a 10 bedroom mansion need to find ways to save money on electricity and conserve energy. Mansions have swimming pools, large air conditioning systems and large computer networks so they consume a lot of electricity. C-results Energy Savings Card is an innovative proprietary vibrational wave technology that is easy to use. It is like a credit card and is easy to install on wires and cables before going to the breaker box. The card is legal because it does not tamper/interfere with the meter. To learn more and order, visit www.howtoreduceelectricbill.com soon!

Reducing electricity bill

The medical industry such as pharmaceutical companies and hospitals utilize large amounts of electric power to operate 24 hours per day. C-results Energy Savings Cards will help corporations save on energy bills safely, reliably and legally. The cards are UL Certified to work safely. They are used around the world! C-results is a cost-effective method with a money back guarantee if you don't see results within120 days of installation. Visit the website at www.howtoreduceelectricbill.com to learn more about the cards!

How to reduce energy bill

Electricity kilowatt rates are on the rise and increase every year for all people and companies that use electricity. For saving on electric bill rates, try c-results energy cards and you'll start saving money every month! They are easy to use & install with no maintenance required. The cards are attached to electric wires before the power box and after the meter. Contact them to order cards today!


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