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Online Exposure for Your Business - The Key to Success!

Online Branding
+ Great Online Content
+ Online Exposure
= Online Success

Most online exposure initiatives fail. Some fail miserably! The originators of these failed initiatives sometimes get fired. Businesses succeed (or fail) with the success (or failure) of their online exposure initiatives.

We talk with business managers responsible for marketing all the time. Sometimes we talk to a different marketing manager or business owner as many as 10 or 15 times a day. Over time we learn quite a bit about what people are doing and we learn about their frustrations. This is good for our business as we gain many insights and when we work with clients we have a chance to try many different things with many different companies targeting many different end-user markets.

We see three major components of a successful online exposure initiative.

1. Consistency of Brand - Get This Right!

The business is branded well and the brand is present everywhere and every time someone engages the business. The brand of the business stands for something. The brand is consistent.


This is a fundamental of business and with the range of online platforms used to gain exposure it is vital to have a consistency of brand.

2. Delightful Content and a Content Marketing Plan

Successful online businesses have excellent and delightful content. You may say that you have a website so you are in fact online but to be online means to have delightful content online.

What if your website content falls into any one of these categories:

Light Content

This is content that is not very valuable. It is a page on your site with less than 200 words. It is a page with no variety (no images for example). It is a page that never gets updated.

Just the Basics

This is a page with nothing clever or creative. It bores people who visit it. You can tell if you have these pages on your site by noticing the exit pages or if traffic comes into your site using a specific page then the bounce rate is high. If you have a high bounce rate for a specific page that is generating traffic then you know that this page is not engaging the traffic and it is time to rethink this page and perhaps offer more to your readers than just the basics.

Poor or Low Quality Graphics or Photos

Just don't use them. Enough said.

No graphics or No High-Quality Imagery

Use delightful graphics and imagery to better send your message. Also, great graphics support the position that your business is a high-quality business (supports your brand).

Little or No Variety of Content

People like to gain information in a multitude of formats. You will never please your audience with a single format. Some like to read. Others would prefer a video. Some may desire a free trial. Think about the various formats you can use to engage a larger and larger audience.

Content this is Dated or Never Updated

This is a simple item to correct but we see it all the time. It sends the wrong message. It says you don't care enough to update your message. It says that you are bored with your business.

Bring life to your business with fresh and interesting content.


A business that wants to gain exposure online needs to have great content. To attempt to gain exposure so that your new traffic exposes your lack of great content can result in negative results.

If you do not have great content then it may be better to not gain online exposure!

3. Content Which Results in In-Coming Links

Strong Branding and Great Content result in many in-coming links. Business in a competitive market without links will not gain successful levels of exposure.


What would it mean for your business if you could gain high online exposure in your marketplace? Can you reach exposure levels that unlock the full potential of your business?

Key Components for Online Success

1. Examine everywhere your business is presented online now even if your online exposure level is now low. Make sure that your brand is well represented and consistent everywhere it is presented online. This may take some time but as your online exposure increases then it will be time well spent.
2. Create more online content where you lag behind your competition and make sure that this content is superior to that of your online competition.

Always create competition-beating content.

3. Create a competition-beating link profile. A link profile is the sum total of all the links into your content. It includes many factors such as:

  • Number of in-coming links
  • Text phrases that form the incoming links (anchor text)
  • Quality of the in-coming links
  • Ratio of generic in-coming links to keyword phrase in-coming links
  • In-coming links as a function of time
  • Number of individual domain with in-coming links pointing to your content
  • Number and quality of deep in-coming links
To get your in-coming link profile to be perfect if not necessary as this is very difficult and essentially no business has a "perfect" in-coming link profile. What is required is that you have an in-coming link profile that is at least competitive with the competition.

Like many aspects of the advertising world this will mean setting a budget and working with an expert company that can analyze your in-coming link profile and the in-coming link profile of the competition.

Analysis Alone Is Not Sufficient!

To know about your in-coming link profile is not enough. A proper company to work with will also have abilities to modify, improve and enhance your in-coming link profile.

If you are looking for business resources online to help you achieve your business goals and objectives then look though these pages. The companies presented have superior resources when compared to their market competitors.

The internet is a fine place to find business building resources. You are not limited to a business that is right up the street or located in your city. The key is to find these online business resources and if you want to be found then tune up your online branding, your content and develop a plan to gain in-coming links to your delightful content.


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